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How “How We Become” Became                            Listen or download here (mp3)

As you may have already discerned from hearing the track automatically play upon visiting this page, I don't have any prior recording experience.  However, I've written many lyrics in recent years (including those for an entire film soundtrack, which you may have read about previously elsewhere on this page).  In any case, as necessity truly is the mother of invention, I actually ended up with this one “whole” song as a result of the “need” to somehow present it as a gift to a woman in Canada who wrote me late last year after discovering it on my website ( The song deals with adoption (it was originally written in 2002 for my sister-in-law who is adopted, and who enlisted me to write a [Christian-themed] piece she might sing at a fundraiser for an adoption center run by a former pastor... at the time having enlisted someone else to write the music.  As a side note to that, I must also mention that not being much of "kid person" myself, I almost immediately became a bit apprehensive and even seriously considered rescinding my perhaps too hasty acceptance of her offer. Finally, however, I sat down and resolved to give it a shot – and like many endeavors we at first a bit grudgingly embark on as “favors”, I ended up being very glad that I had done so…and ultimately have come to feel it’s really I who was given the favor.   In any case, the aforementioned woman in Canada has an adopted child and, after quite literally happening upon the lyrics as part of an internet search for a piece of art that might express to her daughter the depth of her feelings, inquired into purchasing the completed song to share with her. I had hoped to comply with her request last Christmas, but as the other party initially intended to write the melody had never done so, nor had anyone else attempted to do so since, I couldn't on such short notice come up with a way to make this happen.

As a result, I created something of a graphic design version of the lyrics which I framed and sent to her – at the same time resolved to have something that would more clearly allow her to “hear” my appreciation of her interest in my work by the time the anniversary of her daughter’s adoption rolled around in June.   Of course, having no access to a recording studio or other means of transferring to CD whatever music appropriate to the purpose might fill my head, I had no idea at the time how I might achieve this goal.

Interestingly, that’s where “” comes in…for, when a friend introduced me to the site, and encouraged me to join his network, another “friend” soon came along, in the form of Tallboy Studios” – from whom I received an invitation for their “one song free” promotion – taking place in MAY!  Feeling certain this must be too good to be true, I contacted their booking department and received the following response:

“In regards to being finished by early June, that is going to be a really tough situation. We are currently booking into mid-July, but I understand you have a deadline you really need to work with and I would be willing to work you into my schedule beforehand… I'm glad to see there are still people out there who convey positive music to their fans, and I am impressed with your mission.  Keep up the good work.”

Of course, now that I had the means, I still lacked only two things – the melody itself…and (the much larger obstacle of) the courage to perform it.

Given the theme of the song is Biblical examples of adoption, and on a more universal scale, simply moving forward in a positive direction to achieve more than we may sometimes think we’re capable of, it’s probably appropriate that I happened to be in the midst of re-reading The Old Testament at this time…and on the day I was supposed to call and actually set up the appointment for recording (but thinking VERY strongly about chickening out and not doing so at all), I inadvertently stumbled upon the story of Moses being called by God to carry out the daunting mission of bringing about the Israelites exodus from Egypt…wherein Moses responded, “O Lord, I am slow of speech and tongue…please send someone else to do it.”  At which point, the narrative goes on to say, “Then the Lord’s anger burned against Moses…”


Well, I figured things kind of worked out okay for him.  And, since my own “mission” was a little more modest than the freeing of a nation…uh, maybe…just maybe, I could give this thing a shot.

So, one evening in May, I made the trek to Perth Amboy and took the plunge.  Of course, having only shortly before composed the tune, and possessing no portable (or amplifiable) instruments – though I actually play both piano and guitar, and have a wee bit of training on drums – I decided my only viable option was the a cappella route.  Hey, sometimes you’ve just got to use what you’ve got – regardless how “slow” those abilities…you know?

Anyway, a few days later I had a CD copy of this adventure in hand, and immediately shipped it off to Canada .  And, a few days after that I received a lovely “Thank You” card with a quote by Coleridge on the front… “What comes from the heart goes to the heart”…and the handwritten words, “This CD and your thoughtfulness will be something we always treasure.  May you continue to bless others as you have done for us.”

Of course, I have to add to these kind sentiments the old adage of my grandmother, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” – and vice versa.  And, I’m fully aware of the potential for the latter viewpoint being that of the majority in this instance.  Thus, the ever approval-seeking nature of the human ego has allowed my pride to prevail in keeping this treasure according to one household in Canada from becoming “Exhibit A for the crime of littering” here in the U.S.

Until now.  Call it a stroke of “madness” or full blown “insanity”, but at last I’ve decided to take advantage of the MySpace Jukebox feature to share its message – which I indeed wholly believe in – despite any/all shortcomings of the messenger.

That said, I’d like to add a brief explanation of the stories the song is built upon…not all of which are commonly associated with adoption.  The first is, in fact, the story of Moses himself, who was adopted – irony of ironies – by Pharaoh’s daughter.  The second is more about the surrender end of this equation, and deals with Hannah’s dedication of Samuel to God, which meant turning the task of his rearing over to Eli the priest.  The third and final tale is that of Christ, who was adopted by Joseph – a relationship both recognized and honored so highly that it is through him (with whom Jesus shared no blood) Christ’s lineage is traced as a descendant of King David.   And, of course, by extension, this underscores the fact we are all “adopted” children of God himself.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy (at least some aspect of) this “creation”.  As Stephan Jenkins once said, “There’s beauty in the struggle to make music”…and I know the struggle part has herein been included.  I’ll leave it to your “eyes” – and ears -- as “the beholder” to determine the rest.


P.S.  Here are the lyrics again lest you haven't read them elsewhere yet...


How We Become…    (lyrics)


A baby born in Egypt was condemned to die

'Til the daughter of his killer heard his plaintive cry,

And moved by a compassion that transcended why

She took him in her arms.


She'd never thought about raising a child before

Or how graced with abundance he might still feel poor,

But something that she gave him helped him see much more

Than a Pharaoh's tarnished charms.


You're a prince, Moses, my son…

And to me, like you there's none.

But still you're the only one

Who can see your destiny

Who can hear the still small voice

Deep inside, prompting a choice

To embrace all that you…might…become.

And that's how you became my son.


Hannah was a woman who knew all God's ways,

She served him faithfully throughout her whole life's days

And found courage to at last her one petition raise

That her life might be made whole.


Yet the blessing that she sought was but one she might return

Even in requesting favor true respect Hannah earned

Only to be who she knew she was did Hannah yearn

And how well she fulfilled this role.


You're a prince, Samuel, my son…

And to me, like you there's none.

But still you're the only one

Who can see your destiny

Who can hear the still small voice

Deep inside, prompting a choice

To embrace all that you…might…become.

And that's how you became my son.


An angel told a virgin how she would conceive,

Spinning her a tale so many still cannot believe.

To walk away she knew would offer no reprieve

Though she could not understand.


She knew moving ahead might cost her everything

Her family, her friends, even a wedding ring.

How could she to her husband's home another's child bring

Oh, how could he understand?

Oh, why would he understand?

Yet this man did understand…


You're a prince, Jesus, my son…

And to me, like you there's none.

But still you're the only one

Who can see your destiny

Who can hear the still small voice

Deep inside, prompting a choice

To embrace all that you…might…become.

And that's how you became God's son.