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This is a quick reference page regarding Michael McDermott's 2007 tour dates.  For full show reports by fans/attendees, go to The Pauper's Sky discussion forum, from which these lists have been compiled. (Note:  An asterisk beside a song signifies it was played on piano.) 

Shows with review pages on are marked accordingly...just follow the links by these shows to check out photos, commentary, etc.

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2009 Shows:


June 20 (Band --Naper Days, Naperville, IL)

(w-Heather, Nick and TJ)

Rehab + Great American Novel/Perfectly Imperfect/Spark /So Am I/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/Arm Yourself/Hard to Break (Heather on vocals)/Love Hurts (cover)/Summer Days/Fisherman's Blues/Unemployed/Scars from Another Life/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/The National Anthem


June 20 (Band --BAM! Festival, Chicago, IL)

(w-Heather, Nick, TJ and Lance)

Rehab + Great American Novel/Perfectly Imperfect/Spark/So Am I/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/Arm Yourself/Fisherman's Blues (cover)/Summer Days/Hard to Break (Heather on vocals)/Love Hurts/Scars from Another Life/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere


April 17 (Band -- Ballydoyle, Aurora, IL)


Hey La We're Gonna Get Married/Tread Lightly/So Hard to Break(Heather)/Postcard Saturdays (Heather)/Love Hurts/Rehab + The Great American Novel/Arm Yourself/So Am I/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Mess of Things/Mississippi/A Wall I Must Climb/Perfectly Imperfect/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Bad + I Shall Be Healed


April 30 (Acousitc -- Ferrara, Italy)

(All songs Michael and Heather)

The Great American Novel/Hey La.We're gonna get married/Still ain't over you yet/Broken (Michael solo)/The times are a-changing (Dylan cover)/Hard to break (Heather on lead vocals)/In my time of dying/Arm your self/Grace of God /So Am I/*Carry your cross/Love hurts (in the middle of the crowd)/A Wall I Must Climb/(Encore) Tread Lightly/20 Miles South of Nowhere


April 29 (Acousitc -- Pieve Di Cento, Teatro Comunale, Italy

(All songs Michael and Heather)

Arm Yourself (w-In My Time of Dying intro/Great American Novel/I Wanna Know Why/Pauper's Sky/Hey La We're Gonna Get Married/Tread Lightly/Hard to Break (Heather on lead vocals)/Postcard Saturdays (Heather on lead vocals, song from new Heather's cd, featuring a song co-written with Michael called "Fallen")/A Wall I Must Climb/Love Hurts/Wounded (Michael solo on piano)/Fisherman Blues/So Am I/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Where the River Meets the Sea/20 miles south of Nowhere/(Encore) The River (Springsteen cover - Fabio sharing vocals with Michael)/I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man/(Encore 2) Carry your cross (Michael solo on piano)(Encore 3) Number 49


April 28 (Acousitc -- Birimbo-Brienno, Italy)

Hey La, We're Gonna Get Married/The Great American Novel/In the Year It All Went Wrong/Postcard Saturdays (Heather Horton song)/I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man (Prince cover)/Hard to Break/Broken/Love Hurts (cover)/I Shall Be Healed/Wounded/In My Time of Dying (traditional)/Arm Yourself/Tread Lightly/Still Ain't Over You Yet/So Am I/What Am I To Do? - not sure about this title, co-written by Heather and Michael/A Wall I Must Climb/Where the River Meets the Sea/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Room 411/The American In Me/Here Comes the Rain Again (Eurythmics Cover)/A Million Tomorrows


April 17 (Band -- Ballydoyle, Aurora, IL)

(w Heather, Jon, Nick and TJ and Lance).

(SET ONE) Cal Sag Road Song (solo)/Hey La, We're Gonna Get Married/I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man* [Prince cover]/Pauper's Sky/Tread Lightly/Postcard Saturdays [Heather Horton]/Murder in the First Degree/When Doves Cry [Prince cover]/So Am I/The Great American Novel/Perfectly Imperfect/So Hard to Break (Heather on vocals)/I Wanna Know Why/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Summer Days/(SET TWO) Bells/Bad [U2] + I Shall Be Healed/Where the River Meets the Sea/Love Hurts (performed in audience)/Arm Yourself/Spark/A Wall I Must Climb/Mississippi [Mike Jordan cover]/Diamond Lake/Scars From Another Life/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere


March 28 (Band -- This Must Be The Place, Lemont, IL)

(w- Heather Horton, Nick Kitsos, TJ Pavletic)

The Great American Novel/I Wanna Know Why/Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/Hard To Break (Heather)/So Am I/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Dream Come True/A Wall I Must Climb/Diamond Lake/Scars From Another Life/Love Hurts/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Encore) Unemployed/Need Some Surrender/Spark/Hellfire in the Holyland/Where the River Meets the Sea


March 13 (Acoustic -- McAuliffe's  Pub, Racine, WI)

(Michael on guitar with TJ, Tom Mangione and Nez)
Hey La, We're Gonna Get Married/A Pair Of Brown Eyes (cover)/Into The Mystic (cover)/Arm Yourself (w-In My Time of Dying intro)/Great American Novel/Fisherman's Blues/Celtic Sea/So Am I/A Wall I Must Climb/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Bad w-I Shall Be Healed/Perfectly Imperfect/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South Of Nowhere/Unemployed/She's Gonna Kill Me/My Monkey Is Gone


Feb. 27 (Band -- Metro, Chicago, IL)

(w/Heather, Nick, Lance, T.J., Jon)

The Great American Novel/I Wanna Know Why (dedicated to Norm Van Lier and Johnny Red Kerr)/Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/So Hard to Break (Heather on lead vocals)/So Am I/Still Ain't Over You Yet/When Doves Cry/Mississippi (Mike Jordan cover)/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Scars from Another Life/I Shall Be Healed/Unemployed


Feb. 6 (Band -- Ballydoyle, Downer's Grove, IL)

(w/Heather Horton, Nick Kitsos, Lance Northcutt, TJ Pavletic and Jon Spiegel)

Set I
Cal-Sag Road Song (solo)/The Year It All Went Wrong (w/Heather)/ Bad (U2) + I Shall Be Healed (w/Lance)/Celtic Sea (w/Heather)/*The American In Me (solo)/The Ballad of Johnny Diversey (w/Lance)/Mess of Things (w/Jon Spiegel and Nick Kitsos)/Mississippi (Mike Jordan) (w/Jon and Nick)/Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/Spark

Set II
The Great American Novel/Diamond Lake/A Wall I Must Climb/Still Ain't Over You Yet/*Hold Back a River/Unemployed/My Monkey Is Gone/So Am I/*Scars From Another Life (w/Lance)/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/*No 49 (solo)


Jan. 9 (Acoustic -- Joe's Bar, Chicago, IL)    


Broken (solo)/Arm Yourself/Unemployed/When Doves Cry (began on guitar, moved to piano where a bit of Here Comes the Rain Again was inserted before finishing)/*Wounded (solo)/The Great American Novel (solo)/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/(U2's Bad into) I Shall Be Healed/20 miles South of Nowhere













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