Awake My Love
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Based on the love triangle at the heart of Wuthering Heights...


Awake My Love

In sleep, he calls me out – evoking memories

That will never be; swept away unbidden on a current

Of emotion, and apathy – stronger than the ocean’s tide

Found only on the sea of love.

Reality is left behind – to be continued…

The present is a blur of clarity – in a place

That cannot be, but is; in a time that is not time at all,

And yet, is eternity…

The time and place are love – deeper than ourselves,

Where and when will and desire cease,

And the reality of the world left behind

Is revealed as falsehood.

A destiny sealed by love – against which we have fought

And not won – yet we have not lost…

We face the false reality we have chosen;

We face the true reality we have denied,

But not destroyed – lest this destroy us.

Denial is useless, dreams are vain;

Only love is real – only love will remain.