Coming Of Age
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Iíve heard age called just a number,

But I donít believe thatís true.

ĎCause I think its lots of numbers...

They add up to me and you.

4/19, 12/8, 10/12 - Numbers,

Birthdays of some friends...

Special numbers we invest in --

High returns yielded by them.

31, a favorite baseball player,

In basketball itís 8;

24, the Nascar champ...

Strength of heartís what makes each great.

I woke up age 15 the day

My dadís number was called.

By its end Iíd passed his 42;

Subtraction makes time stall...

Number 1, my academic rank

In high school -- made Mom proud...

Now just comfort for embarrassment;

Lifts that "God, how stupid" cloud.

Perhaps we are just numbers,

Ones that do reveal our age.

But not our ageís number,

Rather what fills each lifeís page...

Courage, through discovery of our

Heritage and pride;

Mileage on our journey,

Private moments locked inside...

Rites of passage weíve survived,

Damage inflicted and felt;

Encouraged and discouraged

By the highs and lows weíre dealt.

So many ages all add up

To one life, don't forget --

Nor that zero is the greatest

If it numbers our regrets.