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Too Weak To Love Someone So Strong

A girl loves a boy; she doesn’t know why,

‘Cause he tells her he loves her , but just makes her cry.

Too many people who might not approve,

Too little courage to leave his cool groove.

Happiness for him can nowhere be found

Though to stubbornly cling to denial, he’s bound.

He’ll just sit on the fence while the earth below crumbles,

While lies to himself he constantly mumbles.

And what of the girl, what about all the weight

She carries around underneath that calm state,

If only her patience would finally run out,

Go find someone who knows what her love’s all about.

Would he regret what he’d traded for her,

A hole in his heart and a future unsure?

The approval of those who know how he should live

Those whose approval is not theirs to give

He knows in his heart what he’s doing is wrong,

He ignores all the warnings, but plunges along,

Killing this girl who might just be the one

Killing himself with his cowardice’ gun.

Can it really be worth it – denying his heart?

To think this is love and then tear it apart?

What can it be that he hopes to achieve,

In forcing life’s greatest fulfillment to leave?

No wonder he’s lost, no wonder he’s blue

No wonder he wanders through life with no clue.

Doesn’t know who he is, says he doesn’t know why

Knowing his life is in her, though this fact he’ll deny.

Funny how far one will go to avoid

Admitting the best things in life they’ve destroyed.

Clinging instead to what brings constant grief

Ignoring the love that’s their only relief.