Dorian Gray
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(A piece about a teenage girl's difficult relationship with her foster-mother)


           DORIAN GRAY

You say you see me as your own,

Expect a card on Motherís Day;

But I know in your heart Iím just

Your picture of Dorian Gray.

Iím but a dark mirror

For your jealousy and pride;

Iím not the one to blame

For disappointments locked inside.

If you could only see 
        how your hate defaces me.

If you saw you through my eyes,
        saw Dorian Gray in disguise,

Youíd see how it should be...
        youíd hate you instead of me.

My mother yielded me

Believing life had more to give;

Hoping in a better home

A brighter life Iíd live.

Whyíd you take me in?

Was it to prove your charity?

Or for my flaws to point up

All your "real" kids clarity?


Is it blood thatís shared or blood thatís spilled

That makes us who we are?

I know my blood on your hands means 

We both will bear this scar...

Do we have to hate at all

Or could we maybe both forgive,

Find a common understanding

And in peace begin to live.

Can the labels really matter

More than people we both love,

Whoíve been burned by all the friction

Of our constant combatís rub.

(Last chorus)
Letís try to both see 
        how hate defaces you and me.

Letís bury Dorian Gray, 
        and from his lies just walk away.

Then letís live as we should be...
        hating neither you nor me.

I donít want to hate anymore.

I donít want to hurt anymore.

I donít want to wait anymore.

On the past letís close the door.









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