The Ghosts Are Gone
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I felt the specters of the past

     closing in on me.

They made my days so dark

        I could barely see.

Jacob Marley’s chains dogged my

        every step;

They held me down so hard that I

        almost wept.


And when I looked around I saw them everywhere,

A world of faces haunted by the ghosts of care:

Divorce and death, rejection, once-bright dreams denied

’Til even raindrops seemed like tears that Heaven cried.

And then she came along and my

        whole world changed.

The order of my universe was


She exorcised the demons gnawing

        me apart;

She opened up the door

        and swept them from my heart.


I was going down to some ghost ship in the sea,

Numbing nerves awash with pain and misery.

She pulled me from the surf in the black of night,

Resuscitated me with just her love’s pure light.

Only she could spot life

        in this zombie from the grave.

She must have hung with Superman

        to learn to be so brave.

She walked right to the edge of Death

        And pulled me from its shore

Her faith has made me whole;

        No ghosts in this Gray anymore.


No time for regret. Too much life for living yet.

I can’t wait to start...Can’t believe I won her heart.