Gun Control
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Told from the perspective of a guy whose new girlfriend is hurt by a third party with ties to him, for which occurrence he blames himself...


Gun Control

When her heart got broken

I put mine back in its case,

Emptied out the bullets,

Clicked the safety into place.

Then I walked out in the street

Without protection of a vest,

Well outside of loveís kill range

Even if fired on by the best.

And then you came along

With a weapon so hi-tech

No defense could stand against it;

It would glide past any check.

I watched you hit the mark,

But I didnít hear a thing.

Felt no choking fear or pain,

Didnít feel the slightest sting.


Just when it seems that lifeís best things

Are never going to come,

A shot rings out from nowhere:

Loveís fast fatal hit-and-run.

For the first time in my life,

I believed that all was well.

So high, I stepped out of this world...

Then dropped straight into Hell.


Didnít know that it was missing;

Didnít know heíd got my gun,

Or when taking out the bullets,

In the chamber Iíd left one.

I didnít pull the trigger,

But the cuffs went íround my hands.

I canít escape this cell;

He walks the streets as a free man.


Just when it seems the worst in life

Is out of ammunition,

A faith fresh from the foxhole

Falls in critical condition.

I canít even look to Death

To come and ease my pain;

He waits so close beside you...

Iím afraid to breathe his name.