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(To hear this song and read a blog detailing its background, go to Mil's MySpace.com page.)



Had a friend in high school, Will;

Hed fix old beat up cars.

His eyes glazed with the promise he saw

Underneath their scars.

I thought Will was nuts

Wasting time on all that crap.

I saw broken headlights

And a dented pile of scrap.


Hed just laugh at me

Like Id missed some inside joke.

But my eyes glazed with boredom

As in reverent tones he spoke.

He said each car told a story;

It was like a broken heart.

With a little time and patience,

There werent many Will couldnt start.


Never thought about Will

All that much after high school.

Suppose he bought a body shop;

I hope his life is cool.

At eighteen he was smarter

Than Ill be at eighty-three.

He looked past all that was

And saw all that could be.


It took a lot of years and tears for me to learn that trick.

Don't know how Will hung with anybody quite so thick.

I hope now hed laugh with me, glad I finally got the joke.

So much beauty and perfection in what others see as broke.


I dont want a new car;

Give me one with lots of miles.

One thats been banged up enough

To even make Will smile.

Because me -- Im an old truck

That was once falling apart.

But with a little love and patience

Even I made a new start.


Weve all got a story,

And most tell of broken hearts.

But with patience like Will had,

Love can give us all new starts.

Where there is a Will -- well,

There really is a way.

And if you wont believe it now...

Hope you meet Will someday.