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The song featured below (taken from the Taking the Fall soundtrack) shares the perspective of the lead female character's best friend. Convinced that the famous must surely be immune to the problems of the "real" world, she eventually discovers through her acquaintance with the character Josh that this is not the case.  Rather than embracing him for his humanity, however, she vehemently rejects him for his frailty.




I just want to sail away

Into a bright and balmy day;

Feel the water’s peace,

Floating gently, find release...


On the surface all’s at rest,

The water clear and motionless.

Tranquil and serene,

A blue slate that’s been wiped clean.

            (echo in background)
                I want to sail away;

                I want to leave today...


See it call the troubled souls;

It’s pools will surely fill their holes,

And cool the fire that burns --

Fed by all of life’s wrong turns.

            (echo in backround)

                I want to sail away;

                I want to leave today...


The surface breaks as clouds roll in;

Tranquility’s been lost again.

The sunlight hides its face

And darkness fills the space

Between the white hot caps of rage

Atop the roaring sea uncaged.




My eyes have deceived again;

The surface was just might have been.

Below lies the same pain,

The mud and silt loosed by the rain.

You’re not who I hoped you be.

Underneath you’re just like me:

Hungry, tired, cold, alone.

How could I have known.

Just a worn out masquerade

Someone sold as the parade.

I’ll give you no more of me

‘Cause you’re just that dull murky sea

I swam so many times before.

I’m off to find a brighter shore.