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This page offers a quick link to the musicians included in Mil Mania's "Music Mayhem" column every month.  Check the New Madness page for announcements regarding new review pages added and other updates.




Michael McDermott

NEW!!! Check out the latest official McDermott bio (which I had the privilege of authoring) -
visit the "About Michael" section of his website to read it now!!!

AND, my bios of his band are now posted there as well!

 Click here for pages of setlists from 2000 through the present,
an extensive press archive and more than three dozen reviews from 
live shows I've attended (including commentary and photos) can purchase the latest album
by clicking the banner below!


Brian Fitzpatrick

Click Here to read the official Brian Fitzpatrick Bio (yes, by me!) and,
again, access links to 
the official press release for his last album, 
a page of news articles, and a host of reviews from his live shows
 I've attended (including commentary and photos).


Third Eye Blind

It was my privilege to also be selected as the biographer for the largest 3eb fan sites in the U.S and U.K...
Jen's and The Village Churchyard.  This bio is also published here on and from it you can access a web article and a single review page (I have seen
an unfortunately small number of this band's shows...a circumstance that's proof quality is more
 important than quantity as they have nonetheless proved wonderfully
entertaining and enjoyable events).

























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